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Blue Eyed™ Massage Gun

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Back in the day, staying in shape meant a light jog and some aerobics. This was about the same time that the food pyramid preached consuming mostly starchy carbs. But now we know better, and one of the things we’ve learned is the important role of recovery in any fitness routine. Recovery is more than just a rest day, though. The best recovery includes muscle therapy and massage to rejuvenate your body and provide better results. Reaping the benefits of post-workout recovery has never been easier thanks to tools like this Muscle Massage Gun.

Calling this tool a massage gun really doesn’t do it justice, because it has tons of customizable features that make it more like 20 massage tools in one. The Muscle Massage Gun comes with 30 adjustable speed levels to get the intensity just right for the biggest Goldie Locks of the bunch, plus six attachment heads for targeted massage and relief for different areas. 


Perfect for post-workout recovery, muscle therapy, or simple DIY home massage, this Muscle Massage Gun will give the treatment you deserve. With 30 adjustable speed levels and 6 attachment heads, it helps you overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness, and spasms. Unlike usual massage guns, it operates with super silent technology so your ears are relaxed as well. No need for sitting near an outlet. This massage gun is wireless with about 6.5 hours of use per charge.

  • 60 adjustable speed levels for your preferred intensity
  • 6 attachment heads for targeted massage & relief
  • Brushless motor technology for quiet operation
  • Rechargeable battery w/ about 6.5 hours per charge


  • Color: Black
  • Speed levels: 30
  • Massage heads
    • Ball-shaped: Full body
    • Heart-shaped: Arms, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, etc.
    • Finger-shaped: Arms, back buttocks, thighs, etc
    • U-shaped: Neck, spine, achilles
    • Flat-shaped: Large flat muscles like waist, back, arms, etc.
    • Cylinder-shaped: Deep tissue like accupoints, tendons, joints, soles, etc.
  • Use time: 6.5 hours
  • Brushless motor = Quiet operation
  • 1800 - 3300 RPM (5 stages x 6 gears)
    • 1-6 (1800 RPM) - Muscle Awakening
    • 7-12 (2000 RPM) - Fascia Relaxation
    • 13-18 (2300 RPM) - Decompose lactic acid
    • 19-24 (2700 RPM) - Deep massage
    • 25-30 (3300 RPM) - Professional mode
  • 2500 mah battery
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  • 1x Muscle Massage Gun
  • 6x Massage heads
  • 1x American standard plug charger

Condition: 100% Brand New and Highest of Quality


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Highly recommend Blue Eyed. When the gyms shut down I needed something to work out with at home and I found what I needed here.

Abbey R.

I found the tactic gloves on Blue Eyed and I'm glad I did. It shipped fast and quality has been great. Will be shopping here again.

Ryan E.
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